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Author: Created: 21/07/2011 15:04
Random thoughts from Dave's minion
By marmite on 20/10/2011 15:06
Is there an organ in the body dedicated to its production I wonder?
By marmite on 13/10/2011 12:24
Do ‘old wives tales’ have any validity?  I suppose you should ask an ‘old wife’. But in her absence........
By marmite on 11/10/2011 14:26
I am having one of 'those' days today.
By marmite on 26/09/2011 14:25
Oh the agony of the bells
By marmite on 15/09/2011 13:16
I'm doing myself a little bit of good.
By marmite on 05/09/2011 08:05
No, just the road to work.
By marmite on 30/08/2011 08:06
What is wrong with the world I wonder.
By marmite on 22/08/2011 11:45
I thought I’d missed it.  Summer, that is.
I was under the impression that those HOT couple of weeks in April this year were it.
Apparently not.
By marmite on 12/08/2011 08:50
Bert has been in the paint shop all week having a little cosmetic touch up and a new windscreen. As a result I’ve been having much fun driving Betsy. Betsy is my husband’s ‘other love’. She is a 1971 Buick Centurion Convertible, with a 7.5 litre V8 engine.

There are things associated with Betsy which I do not like; being stopped in traffic with the top down and those around me assuming this in an invitation for conversation for one; and the question “How much do you get to the gallon for that then?” for another. I am always reminded of a dear friend of mine who would retort “you don’t own a thing like this and worry about gas mileage”.

Although to be fair, when fully warmed up enough waste heat comes off the engine to heat up the front wings to egg frying temperature. It is a scary thought but generally speaking petrol combustion engines are only about 20% efficient. That means 80% of the fuel burnt goes up the exhaust pipe in wasted heat and energy rather than to power the engine.

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