The Throbbing Hangover
Common words and phrases you will be using. Thirst, Thumping headache, Totally fatigued, I'm going to be sick, I'm sweating, I can't stop shaking, Don't shout, Draw the curtains, I'll phone you tomorrow, Where am I ? and finally. I will never do that again !
Why a hangover

Getting rid of the hangover really comes down to understanding how the body reacts to alcohol in the first place. Alcohol is a diuretic -- that is, it tends to increase urination, and therefore, dries you out. Drinking plenty of water before sleeping and again in the morning after helps to compensate for the dehydration.

But that's not all that's going on. Impurities are added to alcoholic beverages during the distillation process, and these contribute to the nasty stomachache you get with your hangover. These impurities are especially high in sweeter drinks and malt liquors. Drinking lots of water, then, does two things: it rehydrates your body and dilutes the impurities left in your belly.

Carbon Burnt toast as part of your morning-after breakfast.
  Carbon in the charred part of the toast filters the impurities. In fact, people who come into hospital emergency rooms with alcohol poisoning get a potent carbon slurry pumped into their stomachs for the same reason. The burnt toast is a much more moderate version of the same remedy.
Fat (More of a prevention than a cure) A good pizza, chips, spoonful of olive oil or a full english breakfast (Yes, I know fats are bad for you but this is the lesser of two evils!)

Fatty foods, if eaten before drinking alcohol, "grease" the lining of the intestines. The alcohol then takes longer to be absorbed by the body.
Food also provides electrolytes that replenish the body after dehydration. This is especially important for someone who's vomited within the last 24 hours. A fruit smoothie or a sports drink is also ideal for this.

Blood and Alcohol Of course, a hangover's not a hangover without a pounding headache. The pain comes from a mix of dehydration and your body's adjustment to the rapidly dropping blood-alcohol level. Take two aspirin before going to sleep and another pair when you wake up, if the headache's still there (which of course it will be!). This odd multi vitamin won't go amiss either.
Water Dehydration can be countered (but never won) by drinking plenty of water before going to sleep. A glass of water for each pint sounds about right, but that's not going to happen after 18 pints of larger and a Ruby Murray (let's be realistic)
Hair of the dog What about that "hair of the dog that bit you?" It's a renowned hangover remedy, a small morning-after drink to bring your blood-alcohol level back up. I'm not 100% clear about the science behind it, but I've noticed that continual buzz equals no hangover. Biologically, it actually will make you feel better for a short period, but not recommend. You'll have to come down from your high eventually, besides that, it's a habit that can very easily lead to a drinking problem.

Will They Work? There's no magic potion that you can take. If you're going to drink a lot, you're going to pay the piper eventually.
Alcohol Can Be Deadly

Alcohol Can Be Deadly. There are two warning signs you should take very seriously because they indicate you or someone you're with is going past his or her limit:

  • Multiple vomiting. This is simply your body's natural way of quickly getting rid of the toxins in alcohol -- not a bad thing by itself. But it can rapidly lead to potentially life-threatening dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Lay off the liquor and start drinking lots of water.
  • Passing out. If someone drinking heavily passes out, and doesn't respond when you try to wake them, take that person to a local emergency room. People in that condition are in danger of choking on their own vomit or going into shock.

It's common for people to see a friend with these symptoms, but passing out is a serious medical emergency, and it's always better to err on the side of safety and get them to hospital

Leave Your Car Keys at Home We all know not to drink and drive, and just one drink won't be a problem. But in a party mood one drink can so easily lead to two and more. Remember that if you've had too much to drink, no amount of burnt toast or fatty food is going to make you a safe driver. Assign a "designated driver" - one person in your group who abstains from alcohol totally and drives everyone else home safely. Or make arrangements to have a taxi take you home from your revelry
By the way.. I know from personal experience that 'non alcoholic' beers and larger's may keep you sober, but I've had a hangover equal to any alcohol induced torture.
An more The following I found on the BBC web site which may be of interest.

Recent research suggests that some drinks are far more likely to cause hangovers than others ( Ethanol, the major alcoholic chemical in most drinks, seems to only play a small part in producing the thirst, headache, fatigue, nausea, sweating, tremor, remorse and anxiety which are typical of a hangover. What ARE important are things called congeners - complex organic molecules such as polyphenols, higher alcohols including methanol, histamine, tannins or fusel oils. Some people suggest that methanol is the real villain because it is metabolised to formaldehyde and formic acid, and it is these chemicals which cause the symptoms of a hangover.

Darker, sweeter spirits have more of these congeners than clear or pale ones, so hangover symptoms decrease in severity from brandy, red wine, rum, whisky, white wine, gin and vodka. Whisky, for example, produces twice as many hangover symptoms as the same 'dose' of vodka.

Cheaper spirits are often worse, especially sherries, so splash out (the expense may help limit your drinking too!
Your state of mind may be important. Research has shown that psychology is one of the most important determining factors as to how bad a hangover is - with people with anxiety, guilt, or traumatic recent life events suffering most.

Beware 'hair of the dog' remedies (i.e., more alcohol as a hangover cure). They do actually help hangover symptoms initially, because the ethanol in the drinks blocks the breakdown of methanol to formaldehyde and formic acid. However, you may just be delaying the pain!

Traditional hangover cures such as the Prairie Oyster (ingredients include brandy, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, tomato ketchup, Angostura Bitters, cayenne pepper and a raw egg yolk which must be swallowed whole) are based on this hair of the dog effect but have little else to recommend them, and they may irritate the stomach even further.

A more useful hangover remedy should include:
Plenty of fluid to counteract the dehydrating effect of alcohol; aim for water in double the volume of alcohol you drank.
Sugar, to counteract the blood-sugar lowering effect of alcohol.
Pain relief: choose your favourite but beware the stomach irritating effects of aspirin and to a lesser degree ibuprofen.
An indigestion remedy which contains an alginate - a compound which forms a protective layer over your irritated stomach lining (ask your pharmacist).
Vitamin C may help.
Sleep, or at least rest, for an extra hour.